Sunday, 2 August 2015

VanBaelenGuillot Wedding

Hi all,

It has been a while for most of you but we are happy to receive you here again for a special episode of the VanBaelenGuillot adventure!

This post is intended to provide you a bit of background to our wedding taking place on the 19th of September in order to prepare you all a bit better, but also it serves for us to get some information from you: Who will come and who will they take (partner, kids...)? Please send an e-mail to

So first the wedding! We will get married on Saturday in Rocafort de Bages but as some of you might know already you are already invited on Friday evening to join us for a barbecue!

Rocafort de Bages is a small village near by Manresa. 70 km from Barcelona.
Why did we chose this village? The Masia was exactly what we were looking for! It is a simple place with a lot of charm: A Beautiful small village with a cute church and spectacular views and surroundings!

The beautiful Romanic Church of Santa Maria de Rocafort documented from 1023, has been chosen for the religious ceremony

La Masia el Prat has been chosen to celebrate our wedding. The views are incredible!

So as you might have seen on the map above, it is not so easy to get to the place, we therefor recommend you to:

1- Take the train and is long but still an option!
Train from Barcelona to Manresa and then a Bus to Rocafort de Bages. It takes more or less 2 hours.

2- Renting a car with friends: You can find a car for around 50 euros the weekend!! Check and book now! Before it gets expensive! Renting a car for two days at www. can cost 60 EUR! There are other websites, such as

3- Come by car to Barcelona and share with friends!

Where to sleep:

Rocafort de Bages:
Camping: We let you camp in the garden of the house
Apartments in the village:

You can find cheap and good alternatives there :), maybe have a look in the villages nearby: Manresa en Terrasa

In the past months, several times, we have been asked what we would like to get for our wedding and it hasn't been really easy to find something. Till recently, as we bought a house in Hoeilaart, just outside of Brussels!

Although we can perfectly live in it, it would need a bit of attention within a year by upgrading the kitchen and bathroom!

For those feeling to contribute to our future house we invite you to make a contribution which will help us a lot in the near future!

- BE15001588756330 GEBABEBB


- ES3521004547212100101316 CAIXESBBXXX 

Thanks a lot and see you in September!

Ines, Mireia and Alex.

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