Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Completing our travelling CV with additional skills!

Having arrived in Barcelona last week Wednesday we have enjoyed the good weather in Barcelona with the company of Mireia's family and friends! After several stressing months due to working abroad, both of us studying and preparing for this trip, we feel relaxed to have arrived here to disconnect for a moment and to really realise we'll be gone for one year!

But it is not only swimming in the pool that we do in hot and humid Barcelona! The father of Mireia is a diving enthusiast for over one year and is convinced to spread the diving bacteria to all of his kids. We were therefor invited to a diving baptism in the Mediterranean Sea!

Arriving to the harbour, it was clear that Mireia and Carlos were feeling very relaxed about what was going to happen and they felt no fear at all to spend 30 minutes at 14 metres under the water... On the other hand, Carla and Alex were a bit more nervous about there first time. When diving for the first time it is mainly the breathing to which you need to adapt and it is crucial that you are calm (maybe that's why Mireia didn't have a problem with diving and Alex did?). The four of us had received the assistance of individual monitors going down with us, meaning we did not have to do anything apart from decompressing our ears and breathing in and out! Gulf of Mexico here we come for some serious diving!!

Everyone smiling (relaxed or nervous?)
Alex, Carla, Carlos and Mireia
Ready to go search for some gold on the bottom of the Sea

Who is who?

At - 14 metres:
Left:Mireia - Right: Alex

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