Monday, 5 August 2013

Bye Spain

Dear followers,

Sorry for the delay on the 'Spain' post! After 2 weeks saying goodbye to our Belgium friends and family, we went to Spain to say goodbye to the Spanish troop. The Guillot family had prepared a little goodbye party for us which we really enjoyed! Spain was all about enjoying and relaxing, as the last days in Belgium were a bit stressful (shipping, packing of the car, emptying our place...) We swim , went to the beach, we had our scuba dive initiation, ate paellas, and had a beer...

But we didn't spend all the time in Barcelona, we also went to Pamplona for the wedding of our friends Cristina and Jack. The wedding was very beautiful and we had a lot of fun! We took also this as an opportunity to say goodbye to the friends which do not live in Barcelona!

Family picture under water!! (Natalia, Mama, Gabi, Marc, Marta, Claudia, Leyre, Eric, Patxi, Vanbaelen, Mire)

Mireia's friends
Paella time with Papa Carlos!
Van Baelen & Guillot at the wedding of Cris & Jack

Claudia and Marta's drawing- THANKSS I love it!!


  1. leuke blog, ik heb me ingelogd om "bij" te blijven.
    Zo gaan we een beetje mee op avontuur
    Ik wist niet dat jullie doken?

    Groetjes Mark en Claudia

  2. Thanks Mark!

    We keep in touch

    Groetjes en kusjes


  3. What a beatiful pictures! It was a pleasure to stay with you in these days. Enjoy your travel and keep writting post! (now I'm suscribed).

    Kisses from all my little family!

    1. Great times!! Hope nothing changed in the last month ;)
      Mire and alex