Monday, 5 August 2013

Hello New York

Dear VanBaelenGuillot blogfollowers!

Thanks for being so patient with us, we know you have all been looking forward to receive some news from us and our adventures! Due to certain circumstances we are only able to post something now, so to make up for the long time that you haven't received news, we included extra many pictures!

So what happened with us? Well, after saying goodbye to all of you we went to Spain to say hello and goodbye there. On the 1st of August we left Barcelona and went to New York, where we moved into our nice room in the Country Inn in Queens. We booked this room for three nights only, as we had no idea how long we had to wait to get the car. It appeared that it could take between 5 and 7 days for the USA customs to pass the car, so we had to be very patient. We took this as an opportunity to visit New York in relax modus, ensuring we spend plenty of time in the park enjoying the sun!

Our walking brought us to the Guggenheim museum, Governors Island, the East and West coast of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, the 9/11 Memorial, the Empire State building, Times Square and so much more. We truly enjoyed the city a lot but towards Monday, we started to look forward to picking up our car and continue our trip on the American highway!

After spending some days in New York/ the USA, what have we learned?
- Americans love to drink large ice cold beverages
- Buying something is very annoying, as you generally have no real idea what you'll have to pay (taxes can be added, tips are obligatory and often prices are not mentioned)
- People in New York often live on there own (or at least we get this impression)
- Squirrels (eekhoorns) are extremely tame in New York and they will come to you
- So far we have seen that diesel is about 1 dollar per litre

Tuesday was our happy day! In the morning we got the good news that Alex passed his third CFA level (well done!), later in the day we got informed that Sandra and Ignacio got their first born baby and that we could go visit them in Baltimore and a bit later we received the confirmation that we could go pick up our car in the New Jersey port the next day!!!

So on Wednesday morning we went for it! Very nervous to see if our car would be intact, we took a bus to the Newark airport, from where we took a taxi to the port. Upon arrival we could immediately see our beauty and after completing the 5 minute paperwork we could go see our house! In all honesty, the process was very easy and the car had no visual issue at all. The only issue that happened was later, when we left: Mireia's phone was plugged into the 220 volt to charge and somehow the 12/220 volt converter and the 24/12 volt converter got blown up because of this. So currently we don't have any power - apart from 24 volts on which the fridge is running - and we need to think of a solution!

Having our car, our first road challenge is Baltimore, where we'll meet Sandra, Ignacio and baby Ignacio.

The Guggenheim Museum

So many people on Times Square...

Wall Street: where dreams come true...

The view on lower Manhattan from Governors Island

The new WTC building in the back

The Highline walk on old trainrails is an excellent way to come to rest

Typical New York view

People playing softball - a baseball variant - in Central Park

The views from the Empire State Building, floor 86 and 102, express! Thanks Frankfurt!

The Flatiron building, a Ted Mosby favorite!

Incredible how much light there is on Times Square at night

It's fun to stay at the YMCA, it's fun to stay at the YMCA!

Brooklyn Bridge

If our car doesn't arrive, Mireia will drive us around the USA with another vehicule!

Visiting the Museum of Modern Art

Happy people!

After waiting a long time we finally see our baby!


  1. Dear Alexander & Mireia,

    So nice to hear the crossing of your 'traveling home' was OK!
    New York is of course a great city and now the real trip can start, down, down, down...
    Enjoy and travel safe,

    Greats from P&p

    1. Hi Kris,
      Thank you very much for your support! After visiting our friends here, now will start our real trip! getting nervous... :-)

      Kusjes from Van Balito and Mire!

  2. Dear Mire and Mr VanBaelen,
    So glad to "read" you!! Waiting for your next post of that amazing trip!
    Enjoy! Kisses

    1. bea!! Thanks for reading us! don't worry the next post will be soon

      Muchos besos

      Mire& Alex

  3. Hi Mire and Alex,

    Enjoy every moment of marvelous trip throughout the Americas.

    We keep in touch on your blog!!

    Hola Mire y Alex,

    Gaudiu del viatge. Molts dels que seguim el vostre blog, ens encantaria estar en la vostra pell.
    Mireia: Felicitats al dia del teu Sant(15 Agost)! Seguirem el vostre periple americà.

    Una forta abra├žada.

    Laura Guillot

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